Considering Selling Your Home?


When you put your home on the market the outcome can vary dramatically based on the REALTOR® you choose.


• Your home can be on the market much longer than you expect and become a “stale” listing.
• You could possibly get much less than you initially expected.
• The transaction could go awry and cause undue stress.


Our focus isn’t on selling more homes, but for selling homes for more. That’s why you need the Nationwide Real Estate Executives Customized Home Marketing System. ℠


But first, let’s be clear there are a number of things EVERY fine real estate company and agent will provide:


• Comparative Market Analysis to determine price
• Put your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
• Install a sign and lockbox
• Put your home on their company website


PLEASE NOTE these items are the bare minimum that you can expect to get when you list your home with a real estate agent. We call this passive marketing; put a home up for sale and hope that is sells and is known as the traditional form of marketing in real estate.

Traditional marketing is no longer enough in today’s market which is why the our Customized Home Marketing System ℠ which includes what we call ACTIVE MARKETING.

 Your NREE Marketing Specialist will not only do the items mentioned, but that is just the beginning. After we cover the basics we implement a comprehensive marketing program through our 10 Point System that involves Active Interaction with neighbors, home-buyers, and other agents from all other brokerages; locally, nationally, and internationally.


Contact us TODAY to speak to a Nationwide Real Estate Executives Marketing Specialist and schedule a time for us to create YOUR Customized Home Marketing System ℠.