Let’s make your next move your best move

At Nationwide Real Estate Executives, we have learned through years of providing high caliber assistance to our clients that there is a clear and distinctive need for a highly qualified, well-trained, and caring real estate professional committed to working with you throughout the entire process.

Our focus isn’t on selling you just any home, but the right home, and the right lifestyle. That’s why you need our Home Buying System.


Our buyer specialists will ensure that you have the best transaction possible by our service guarantee:


• They work for YOU.

• They will ensure you get the best price and terms because they

are negotiating on YOUR behalf.

• They will always have your best interest at heart.

• They will establish your housing needs, wants, and desires.

• They will make sure that inspections and deadlines are schedule

to make sure your deal closes.


The immense value of OUR Home Buying System:


• Concierge services program including financing assistance.

• Private showings.

• Contract and offer preparation and presentation.

• Negotiate for the best possible price and terms.

• Manage entire escrow process.

• Assist with managing and coordinating all inspections.

• Appraisal process management.

• Financing assistance and introduction to qualified mortgage professional.

• Ensure a smooth and successful escrow process.


How much does this incredible service cost you?


Zero Dollars! The home seller pays the Listing Brokerage a commission (a percentage of the final sales price) then the Listing Brokerage pays the Buyer’s Agent a percentage of that commission (generally 50%) after the home closes. You pay nothing.